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Amid the bustle of TOKYO,
find a hotel where time passes gently.
Open the door, and let the quietude commence.
Designed for the connoisseur of the good things in life.

THE GATE HOTEL signifies an unlocking of the city, and of you.
Feel time ease its grip, as if on a separate clock
from the outside world. It’s your time.
Savor the uninterrupted solitude.

THE GATE HOTEL is a gateway to TOKYO,
a refreshing oasis in the sprawling city.
Make your stay in town personal.
It’s what we’re here for.

Helping to create a sense of renewal
is our priority at THE GATE HOTEL.
For extraordinary and perfectly ordinary days.
When it’s time to reconnect, open the GATE
and let the busy days melt away.

The symbol for THE GATE HOTEL uses the letter for "gate",
門 (mon) as it's motif, evolving it into a modern version of the letter.
The horizontal lines represent the floors, and the spaces between the floors represent the unseen services which are performed.
The subdued gold color is the image of an elegant and calm ambience.



Interior Design

Gensler and Associates / Int’l, Ltd.

Gensler is a global design firm that specializes in architecture, interiors, master planning, and strategic consulting. THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO was designed with the intention of allowing guests to experience memorable moments in the open and glamorous interior space, that also creates as sense of unity outside environment.

Taku Satoh

Logo & Graphics

Taku Satoh

A graphic designer active in multiple fields ranging from designing products for daily use to directing educational TV programmes and exhibitions. The elegant symbol of THE GATE HOTEL which embodies our spirit of hospitality is a design based on the shape of a gate.


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