Asakusa Unatetsu 
The only place you can eat Eel Hitsumabushi (Sliced eel on rice served with sansho pepper, shiso leaf, freshly grated wasabi and yuzu citrus peel on the side. You first eat it as a rice dish then pour soup over the rice and enjoy as a porridge. ) in Asakusa! Unatetsu offers a wide variety of Eel dishes from skewered eel kushiyaki to lightly grilled eel tataki. A smokey down-to-earth interior with horse racing constantly broadcast on a tiny TV. The staff speak broken English and there is a matching menu.

Address: 1-43-7, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3841-1360
Website: http://www.hitsumabushi.com/
1.What kind of store is it?
We are an eel restaurant. An unusual eel restaurant.
2.What makes it unique?
Though most eel restaurants only offer grilled eel and eel on rice, we serve everything from skewered eel kushiyaki to very lightly grilled eel tataki.
3.The management policy
We aim to create a down-to-earth atmosphere so families with kids and the elderly, anyone can feel at home.
4.What makes the store enjoyable for overseas tourists?
Even those who do not like eel can enjoy a full meal of skewered chicken yakitori and rice. 1.Hitsumabushi 2.Eel on rice in a box (unajyu) 3.Grilled eel kabayaki Are most popular with overseas visitors
5.One final word to overseas tourists.
We are blessed have many overseas visitors. Over a third of our customers on weekday afternoons are from overseas. Asakusa contains the charm of Japan, we look forward to your visit.