Tokyo Kitchen Japanese Cooking Class!

We’ve visited TOKYO KITCHEN Japanese Cooking Class at Asakusa who teaches Japanese home cooking to travelers from outside Japan.

At TOKYO KITCHEN, you can learn not only how to cook Japanese everyday dishes such as Nikujaga – braised beef and potatoes and bento – lunch box but also Japanese food culture and table manner in English. The classes are run in a friendly atmosphere and well received by the participants.

Using simple ingredients and simple recipes, every dish you learn in the class is designed to be easy to replicate back home.

This time, we tried mosaic sushi roll !

You can check experience of Tokyo Kitchen in the following URL!

Let’s start !

At first, we’ve leant the basics of Washoku – Japanese food.
Washoku has been designated as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and getting great attention from all over the world. The teacher taught us “what makes washoku”, “what’s important in washku” and also “table manner in washoku”.

So much to learn even for us Japanese.
Then, we moved on to Japanese table manner and chop stick’s how-to.

After the lecture about the basics of Japanese food comes the cooking session.
Aprons were provided so put them on, wash our hands and time to cook !

The menu was…
. Mosaic sushi roll including how to cook rice, how to make Japanese omelet and how to assemble sushi roll.
. Dashi – Japanese fish broth and miso soup using the broth.
. Spinach dressed with sesame sauce.
. Chilled tofu.

We cooked rice using a pot, no cheating with a rice cooker.

Fish broth using kombu kelp and dried bonito flakes.

Making tamagoyaki – Japanese egg omelet that goes into sushi rolls.

Isn’t he so into it more than when he is at work !?

Rice is ready so let’s make sushi rice. Fan fan fan…

Trickier than expected…. but we did it !!

Ta-da !! The one at the center was made by the teacher, of course. The one on the left was made by our manager ! We did better than him, didn’t we ?

Cutting ingredients to make spinach dressed with sesame sauce and also condiments for the chilled tofu.

Time to assemble sushi roll. Rrrrrooooollling.

Ah, cut this like this, put egg like that and here it goes !
It’s not easy to cut though…

Some flower sushi rolls too !

Look what we’ve made ! Can’t wait to taste !!

Side dishes are also ready and finally it’s time to try !
Well done, huh ?

Enjoining our creation as we chat. One souvenir shot with the teacher !

The three hours felt like an hour !
Not only for foreigners, it was definitely fun for us Japanese too and we were so tempted to replicate the dishes at home !
We left the kitchen with recipe cards and also with a Japanese coaster as a souvenir. That was indeed fun morning !
Thank you, Yoshimi !

Japanese cooking class at Asakusa with your friends or family, why not ?
You will surely impress someone by serving the beautiful mosaic sushi rolls !

TOKYO KITCHEN Japanese Cooking Class
Meet-up : 9:50 in front of Kaminarimon
Classes : 10:00 ~ 13:00
Participants : maximum 6, minimum 1
Cost : 7,560 yen per person. Free of charge for children under 6 years old.
Cost includes : Apron rental, food, drink, complementary dessert, recipe cards
Booking required by noon on the day before.

Address: 1-11-1-502, Hanakawado, Taito, Tokyo, 111-0033
Tel: 090-9104-4329
Website: www.