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Asakusa Information ~ Shichifukujin-mode ~

"Shichifukujin-mode" is said to have originated in the late Edo era. People had visited shrines to pray to the Shichifukujin (seven gods of fortune) for business prosperity, good health, successful achievement of goals and good fortune. This primarily took place during the New Year’s season in the hopes of receiving good fortune for an entire year.

The shichifukujin-mode of famous locations in Asakusa was well known within the city of Edo, but had been discontinued after World War II. This tradition was reinstated in 1977, continuing to this day.

Legendary gods, loved by the people of Edo, throughout the ages.

<Dates> January 1st, 2019 through early January

<Location> Shichifukujin of famous locations in Asakusa (Sensoji, Asakusa Shrine, Matsushiyama Shoden, Imado Shrine, Hashiba Fudo-son, Ishihama Shrine, Ohtori Shrine, Yoshiwara Shrine, Yasaki Inari Shrine)

※The Shichifukujin of famous locations in Asakusa do not have a specific order to be visited. Visiting these locations takes approximately four hours. Please take your time and make a leisurely tour of these locations while taking in the sites of Asakusa.

Additionally, Shichifukujin (seven gods of fortune) visitations can be done in other areas of Taito City such as Yanaka and Shimoya.
Details of these three courses can be viewed at the following web site.

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