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Wines recommended by our sommelier.  Limited number of bottles are available.



The sommelier, Knight Erica (Ms. Nakazawa) at “R restaurant & bar” has selected two kinds of wines for this season on December.

■Rhiannon 2012

Region: Navarra D.O. , Spain
Variety: Garnacha 80%、 Graciano 20%

The meaning of the wine is ‘ grapes of a Maiden in the sky. It is, in fact, made in a highland of Navarra, Spain just like the name, and has very good balanced taste with Garnacha from more than seventy years old tree and Graciano with a kind of massive taste. You can enjoy by drinking this wine both the image of feminine and the power just like Spanish female.

By the glass: 1,750 JPY
By the bottle: 9,800 JPY

■ Varossa frontignac 2018

Region: Barossa Valley, Australia
Variety: Frontignac 100%

The wine maker, Schild Estate as a family businesss has been making lots of effort to obtain wider recognition of ‘terroir’ of Barossa. They are focusing on ‘pure Barossa’ by using 100% of Frontignac which is originally used for a fortified wine. The clean pure flavor of acid of Frontignac can show a characteristic of this region. You can enjoy flavor of tropical fruits and aromatic flowers followed by brilliant afterglow.

By the glass: 1,360 JPY
By the bottle: 7,800 JPY


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