Reserve Agreement

The Gate Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon provides and internet booking system for use by potential guests. The following rules and regulation apply to the use of this system.

Article 1- Use of the system
1. The guest is expected to follow generally accepted manners and etiquette with regards to the use of the internet.
2. These use of the computer system for profit is strictly prohibited.
Article 2- Action taken against those who do not follow the terms of use.
Causing damages to a third party, causing damage to the hotel's internet services, or using the internet in the way in which the hotel considers inappropriate is strictly prohibited.
Acrticle 3- Environment of Usage
The hotel expects the user to be in an environment where access is possible. In the event the guest is not in such an area, the hotel will not take responsibility. In the event that that website malfunctions in a way which is out of the control of the hotel, the hotel does not take responsbility for any inconvenience caused.
Article 4- Condition of Use.
Those who agree to the terms and conditions may use the web services. Once the guest uses the system to make a booking, the booking is considered to be confirmed.
Article 5- Services Provided
The guest is able to make bookings for a number of accomodation services that the hotel provides via the hotel homepage.
Article 6- Things to be careful of when using the website
Guests cannot make bookings for services that are not on offer on the website. There is also a possibility of the hotel being fully booked during the intended stay.
Article 7-Personal Responsibility.
1. In using the system and the guest's own email address, the guest takes on all responsibility for their actions. Aside from instances where the hotel is at fault, the guest takes all responsibility to damages to a third party. In the event of damages, the guest must deal with the third party individually.
2. In the following instances, the hotel can ask for compensation from system users.
- When the user is in breach of terms of use and/or accomodation contract.
- When the user sends harmful computer programs to the website.
- When the user enters the information of a third party.
- When the user does not use the system for personal individual reasons.
- Any other system usage that breaks Japanese law
Article 8
Once the user enters their booking information and the confirmation screen is displayed, the user is considered to be under an accomodation contract with the hotel.
Article 9- Deletion or adjustment of a booking
The system should be used in the event of the cancellation of a booking made with the system. In the event of calculation, the system should be used to explain the details of cancellation or adjustment.
Article 10- Penalties
If the hotel considers it necessary to cancel a booking, compensation will be asked for in accordance with the accomodation contract. For details please contact the hotel.
Article 11- Making a booking.
1. Upon using the booking system, please choose the desired service and enter all required details accurately.
2. If the details provided are inaccurate or inadequate, in some circumtances the booking will be considered void.
Article 12- Adjustments to the booking system.
If adjustments to the system are considered to be necessary, the hotel may make adjustments without informing the system user. Upon using the system, please read the terms of use each time. The adjustments to the system are considered to be valid as soon as the adjustments are made.
Article 13- System outage
In the following circumstances, it may be considered neccessary to discontinue the system for a period of time.
1. To protect the system or for website maintenance.
2. In the event or the possible occurrence of a disaster or emergency wherein management of the system may be considered difficult.
3. Any other reason for wherein the hotel considers it necessary to discontinue the system.
Article 14- Laws of Use
The usage of the website should be in accordance with Japanese law.
Article 15- Date of effect
These terms are effective as of May 1st, 2012. Any adjustments to the terms may be made without notification of users.